While it might be exciting to plan a move across town or even across the country, the actual move itself is often complicated and stressful. Even if you splurge on high-quality moving services, trying to move to a new location with too much stuff can be overwhelming.

Moving is the perfect time to reorganize, reevaluate, and decide which items need to stay or go. After all, the more you lighten your load, the easier your move will be!

Sort Clothing at Least One Month in Advance

The more time you have to plan your move, the easier it will be for you and your family. When you’re organized and prepared, short and long-distance movers will also find it easier to pack up your belongings for transportation. 

Start by sorting through loose items and clothing you won’t need before the move. Once you’ve sorted through your family’s clothing, then you can decide what to do with them:

  • Winter Items: Box for the move right away. 
  • Old or Outgrown Clothing: Box for donation to your nearest shelter or thrift store.
  • Special Occasion Outfits: Place in garment bags, and box up. 
  • Daily Clothing: Keep accessible and handy. One week before your move, box the rest of your clothing. Keep what you need available in a suitcase to take with you.

Get Rid of Items You Don’t Need

If outdated home décor, languishing sports equipment, or a fixer-upper bookcase is no longer your thing, consider getting rid of these items. There are numerous ways to sell unwanted goods that are still in excellent condition. 

If you want to lighten your load, consider: 

  • Selling Items Through Buy-Sell-Trade Groups on Social Media
  • Hosting a Garage Sale Before Your Move Day
  • Donating Items with Plenty of Life Left to Someone in Need
  • Donating Large Items and Extra Belongings to Charitiable Organizations 

Perform a Deep Clean of Your Current Home 

Deep-clean your belongings and throw away anything that holds no value or is broken beyond repair. You’ll save time packing, you’ll minimize the number of boxes to transport, and you won’t have to worry about finding a home for these things when you arrive at your brand-new place.

Create a System for Labeling Boxes

When movers begin unloading the truck, you won’t remember which box held your winter clothes and which had your pots and pans—unless you label them. 

Create a system that helps you, your family, and the moving company quickly recognize which boxes go where. Using bright colors often works best, as you can easily communicate that boxes with orange go in the kitchen and blue stay in the garage. 

R.C Mason Movers makes your relocation easy. With four generations of moving experience, we’re here to lighten your load and ensure that you have a seamless move. Leave the heavy lifting to us so you can enjoy the journey—call today or fill out our online form for a free quote.